Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fantasy Real Estate

Here's some pics of my new favourite apartment, in Stockholm, of course! I had the price wrong yesterday. It's actually 16 million SEK (making it $2.45 million CAD). It's in the tony Östermalm neighbourhood of Sweden's capital. No one won the lotto last night, so it's now $43 million for Saturday! If I had that, I'd scoop this up in an instant, have a pied-à-terre in NYC, a "cottage" in the Laurentian's, and probably someplace in Switzerland, too! Brad cringes at the thought of me with a lot of money, but he'd get used to it and he and the doggies would be very happy at the cottage!

Check out the Stockholm digs:


Joy said...

Wow! I love this! That kitchen is amazing, isn't it? And the views! If you win the lottery, would you let me visit y'all there? I'm Southern - y'all is plural. :-) I'm going to keep coming back and looking at these photos, and I like your blog.

When I was in Europe, I was fascinated by the various methods of flushing toilets. This one has a button on the wall to push. The showers were also interesting since some of them had tall sides to step over and some had nothing at all. There was no way to keep the water from splashing out.

Are those sort of like rain showers at the top of these? It's hard to tell if that's a hand-held shower thingy or not, but surely it is. I guess that's a TV in front of the bathtub (soaking tub?).

It has my dream closet in it, and wouldn't you love to wake up in either of those bedrooms!!!

Keep dreaming and posting photos that you find! This is fantastic! I'm drooling AND dreaming, too!

Jeff said...

You bet, Joy! If I buy this apartment, you will certainly have to visit! :) It is dreamy, to say the least, eh! (That's the Canadian "eh," which often functions like a question mark!) And even a great view of the harbour!

I know what you mean about some of the showers in Europe. Once, after a long overnight flight to Zürich, Brad went out for a walk to get his bearings. I just wanted to relax, take a shower, and lie down for a while. It took me almost 15 minutes to figure out how to turn the shower on!

Mark in DE said...

This place is very nicely equipped, and the views are fabulous.