Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dan Savage on Monogamy

The always funny and witty, Dan Savage.


Mark in DE said...

I disagree with this. It is not accurate to compare non-monogamy among animals with non-monogamy among humans. Monogamy requires self-control and virtue, which are traits animals do not possess. People are non-monogamous because they choose to be; not because they can't be.

Jeff said...

I donno... I think that what Dan is getting at is that of ALL the species on the planet, humans are the ONLY ones who lay claim to monogamy - and view it as a virtue in and of itself. And I think he's using that point to stress that monogamy can become rather difficult (decade after decade after decade...) Hence, the huge percentage of marriages that end in divorce.

But don't get me wrong. I am all for mongamy and believe that it works best for a large segment of the population.

But I also believe that non-monogamy also works for a lot of couples and the concept or paradigm is not "bad" or "unvirtuous" for them.

Mostly, tho, I just like Dan Savage and think he's cute and wanted to stir the pot a bit with this! :)

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