Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Catch-up

Been another drizzly and overcast days here on the east coast of Canada. Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there. And Happy Solstice to all you pagans! The longest day of the year... Jeez. Now the days will start getting shorter again!

I went for a 75 minute walk early this afternoon and then came home and made pesto and a puttanesca sauce. Kinda counterintuitive, n'est-ce pas! Oh well... All this exercise is bound to have some effect! It better, in any case. Brad went out to his sister's place for a father's day barbecue. I decided to sit that get-together out, opting instead to continue cooking and later giong for another swim. So all told this weekend, I biked 21 km, went for a 75 minute walk, and swam twice for 30 minutes each time! Burn you gall-darn calories, burn!

Not looking forward to the full week of work ahead... Thankfully, it's faily slow, and I'm going to try to walk someat lunchtime this week too. If it isn't pouring rain, that is...

Have a good week all!


Mark in DE said...

Even if you're not losing any weight, all the exercise allows you to eat what you want and not gain weight, which must be glorious. I wouldn't know from experience.

Jeff said...

I guess that's true! I'm not gaining weight, but I really want to see those scales at lower numbers! :)