Saturday, June 13, 2009

Skinny Saturday 57!

Phew! Another extremely busy day here in Atlantic Canada. It was a gorgeous morning, after yesterday's rain, when the sun came up everything sparkled like diamonds and emeralds under the clear blue sky. I went to the farmers' market very early, as I had an inking that my organic basil would be coming into season and I was right! Dude saw me coming (they call me basil Jeff), and had a big smile on his handsome face! I bought 3 bunches and made pesto this afternoon. Mmmm... so good. I truly do think I could live on pesto alone! I also bought some Morbier cheese (that's the one with a layer of ash in the middle - What? It's yummy!) and some homemade vanilla bean ice cream, which I haven't tried yet - I'll let you know the verdict soon.

Then I biked my 21 km in the basement, grabbed a bite of lunch and headed out to run errands and buy lotto tickets ($24 million tonight!). I did a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom on the top floor, and made the pesto. Then I went and swam for half an hour! So now I am pooped! Brad spent the day in the backyard, building trelleses and planting things, so he is beat as well... We dined al fresco on the deck, and now Brad is in the shower and I am typing this. Tonight, we're going to watch Martian Child. It was next on our Rogers Home Direct list. Hope it's good....

Till tomorrow with some pics, here's da boyz:

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Mark in DE said...

A full day of activity makes for a nice tired feeling.