Monday, June 01, 2009

The week that was

Just a few pics from the past week...

Our good friend George. Georges hurt his finger opening a can of tuna, if you can believe that. Jeez Georges, be careful!

And Barb, George's lovely wife. They dropped over yesterday evening for a visit

Our future garden! Brad slaved away yesterday building the forms and digging out the sod

I slaved away in the kitchen making this, among other things. It's an asparagus and Gruyère tart and it was yummy. I got the recipe here

The pasta puttanesca from David Rocco's book that I was telling you about. It is delish!


My tied up raspberry canes!

A salad with seared scallops. Yummy.


Joy said...

More delicious food, good company, flowers! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Mark in DE said...

I adore Gruyère! The other dishes you made and photographed look wonderful too.