Sunday, June 28, 2009

The week that was...

Well, the damp, overcast and muggy weather continues here with no end in sight. Yesterday was so-so and today is ify, but at least it has stopped raining - for now.. Supposed to be another rainy day tomorrow and clouds and showers are forecast for most of the coming week... Enough aready! We need a week or two of sun!!

I had drinks with Don and Mar and Shaun and Mary after work on Friday then Shaun and Mary and I decided to grab a quick bite of supper, after which I walked home! We're trying to talk the gang into a week in St. Lucia next February... Self-catering again, renting a place and a car and basically having a blast as we did last June in Tuscany. Shaun and Mary are giving it serious consideration (I think), and Don and Mar have pretty much decided against it (I think), opting instead for a trip to Kilimanjaro later in the year. We have found a place that is very reasonable (owned by Canadians, in fact), and the airfare is very inexpensive as well, so... Put on your thinking caps, my friends (Yes that means you Georges and Barb and Paulie too!) and let's get this idea off the ground! :)

I got to the farmers' market again yesterday morning and bought more basil (I made pesto again today and froze it for a cold winter's day). I also bought a little mini-quiche that I'll take for lunch one day this week and a few other odds and ends. I also biked my 21 km yesterday, bringing my total km so far this year to just over 1000. Still need to do better though.

Mowed the front lawn today and then went with Brad to buy some more pots for both outdoor and indoor plants. We picked up some petunias as well.

Here's some pics of the past week with a few fellas thrown in at the end to make up for the lack of a Skinny Saturday yesterday!

Two pooches and old containers we had on hand that Brad salvaged and painted red

Part of our garden with a trellis brad made for the cucumbers to climb

Strawberry rhubarb pie

Last night's supper, roasted potates, carrots, asparagus, and seared scallops

The whole pie fresh from the oven

Summer in a bowl... The smell of cut up strawberries and rhubarb makes your mouth water

And finally, da boyz:


Jim said...

Plenty of sun here in the desert. We can send you some up there. We had a few dark clouds again this morning and were hoping for some rain. No such luck. It's too hot to rain. Oh well. Love your garden :)

Once again I'm so hungry looking at your food. My cup of yoghurt is definitely not cutting it right now, LOL.

Joy said...

I've been wanting some rhubarb lately and haven't had any for a long time. Another delicious meal!

Come over to my blog and weigh in on the "Information, Please" post about relationships if you'd like.

Mark in DE said...

The red pots are a nice contrast to all the green in a yard/garden.

That pie is making me salivate profusely.

As usual, love the bois.