Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One to remember

I think the photo below is a powerful image. It's of a supporter of Iranian presidental candidate Hossein Moussavi protecting a riot squad policeman after he was injured in skirmishes with protesters in Tehran. The green shirt is protecting the guy from his own fellow protesters, in other words, from the same people the police officer was probably beating just moments earlier. The green shirt obviously thought this officer had suffered enough and did not want him to be killed. A moving display of humanity. The image will stay with me for a while. I found the photo at's Big Picture, which is a great site, btw.

Addendum: I just found this YouTube vid of the same thing happening. Moussavi supporters protecting a member of the riot police. The running commentary is in Italian.


Jim said...

There is still hope for the human race yet. Whatever happened to humanity, kindness and common sense in general?

ChefNick said...

Yeah, when it comes down to it, there really ARE decent people in the world. We were not born to hurt or kill others.

There are stories that during WWII, the various infantry opposition in Europe chose not to engage each other on their own time because they simply didn't want to be shot at. It was only their superiors, hanging out at Ground Base Zero, who ordered them to do so.

Hey, I'd help a wounded policeman. But then again, I'd never be in a riot! I prefer beer and a lazy Saturday afternoon to riots.

Jeff said...

Jim: I think they are still around, but in short supply :(

And Hey Nick! Thanks for dropping by! I'm with you re the beer and lazy Sat. afternoon. If there was ever a time to protest, though, it's in Iran right now. I hope the better side prevails. :)

Anonymous said...

Although a very horrible situation that should never be, the fact such public Iranian outcry is happening is a positive thing. Hopefully their brave efforts will lead to change.