Monday, May 19, 2008

Poochy Pooches

Time for a dog post! Here are our two boys in a few photos I snapped over the weekend. First up is Jasper (aka Pa-dog, which is short for Jas-pa-dog). This is one of his favourite perches in the house - sitting on the stairs between our first and second floors. He loves to look out the window, and from this vantage point, he can look out the window beside him, through the window in the front door, and out the living room windows. He sits there by the hour.

Then there is a freshly bathed Kaiser (aka Rumpus or just plain Rump - am I the ONLY one who has nicknames for his pets??) having a drink and lounging on the living room floor. (My sister calls him Kaiser Bun or Kaiser Sosay.) It's hard to believe we've had Kaiser for 11 years! We brought him home from the SPCA after we moved into our second house. He and Samson got along so well. They were truly brothers, though Sam was always first among equals - a position that Kaiser now occupies. The title allows one to get up on the futon in the den and on the sofa in the sun porch (but not, incidentally, on the big wide chair in the living room. Ahem, so why is there always blond dog hair on there??). Pecking order counts, whether chickens or dogs!

We will miss these fellows enormously while we are away!

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Mark in DE said...

Aw, pretty pooches!

Your house is pretty too.

Mark :-)