Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stockholm on My Mind

Hi guys. I've been pretty derelict this week. Just lazy, I guess. Each day, our trip to Italy gets closer and we're making the final arrangements for that. Buying train tickets between Rome and Florence, confirming car rentals, photocopying passports, etc. I already have 400 euros, but will probably buy a few more along with some Pounds Sterling. We have to pay for our apartment in Rome (3 nights) in cash when we arrive, so we have to make sure we have euros available for that. We'll also be able to withdraw money as we need it from banking machines.

This time last year, Brad and I were preparing for a trip to Stockholm. Brad ran the marathon there on June 10. Thought I would share a few photos from that trip:

Stockholm harbour

Statue of God putting the stars in the sky

Harbour front

Locals catching some rays

The kitchen of the apartment we rented for the week

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