Saturday, May 03, 2008

Skinny Saturday 10

Morning all... Yet another weekend is upon us. We went out for drinks last night with the Italia gang and then Brad annd I went out to dinner. The water is receding slowly here in town, but it continues to rise downriver from us. Several of our friends have been affected by the flooding. Such a mess.

It's a busy weekend for Brad - he has a conference going on. He's going to a potluck this evening, which I am sitting out. I made a pan of lemon squares for him to take along with some bread that he bought from a good local bakery. I'll post the recipe tomorrow for the squares. They are very good.

Et avec ça, voilà! Les bô mecs de samedi:


Mark in DE said...

Wow, that guy on the bed has a fantastic ass!

Mark :-)

Jeff said...

Mmmm.. I agree. That's François Sagat - a big time porn star with Titan.