Saturday, May 24, 2008

Skinny Saturday 13

Phew! Getting a lot done these days, but still a lot left to do. My sister is staying with us for a few days and the 3 of us had dinner with Shaun and Mary last night at our Greek spot. My sister and I ran errands for mom this morning and got her stocked up on her favourite items. We both went down this afternoon and my sis spent the afternoon with her and will return here for supper. They finally had my mending ready at the cleaners so I picked that up today too. Tomorrow I have to go out and buy socks and maybe a new pair of jeans. Then I have to mow the lawn. (With our reel mower - Ha. I saw our neighbour behind our place today mowing his lawn with a reel mower for he first time! Perhaps we have started a trend. His old gas mower was one of the worst in the 'hood. Really loud and sickly sounding... It has been dying for a while I think, so hopefully he'll stick with his new reel mower!) It would be funny if he switched to a reel mower and we bought a gas-powered one! Not likely to happen on our side anyway...

Brad still hasn't bought his Euros yet! I've been at him to do so for a couple of weeks now. We have to have cash for our apartment in Rome when we arrive. He's not overly concerned and says that even if worst comes to worst, there'll be a banking machine at the airport where he can get money. Famous last words, I say. I believe in the Boy Scouts Motto: Be Prepared!

Mais en fin de compte, tout va se regler. Voilà les Bô mecs de samedi:

(Oh, and me - I didn't quite make my goal of being at 160 lb before we leave. As of today, I am at 168... Enh... close enough. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I guess I wasn't quite as motivated as I was before we went to Mexico, when I went down to 155 lb. I'll lose it when we get back. Today, though, I passed the 1400 km mark on the bike since January 1!)

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