Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Too Many Things

OMG! So much left to do before we leave for Italy! A big housecleaning for one thing! Brad's neice won't want to house sit a pig sty! And my sister is coming for a few days to visit mom - She'll be with mom most of the day, but will stay with us tomorrow and Saturday nights. More cleaning. Plus I have to pick up mended clothes that were supposed to be ready, but of course they weren't. Several washes of clothes. Mow the lawn. Get stuff for mom - cranberrey juice, apples, oranges, large-print library books, and many, many bottles of prune nectar! More cleaning. Packing. Buying incidental stuff - small packs of kleenex & and travel-size mouthwash, Pepto Bismol, Immodium, cold medication - oh yeah, did I mention that Bradley has just come down with a nasty cold?? Argh... I shouldn't even be touching this keyboard!

A pronto amici!

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Mark in DE said...

OMG is right! Will you look at those thighs????

Oh yeah, and I hope you get all your last minute preparations ready for your uber-fab trip to Italy. I am so jealous.

Mark :-)