Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bits and Bites

Just a quick post to keep you abreast... Ha! It's funny... Speaking of breasts... Georges and Barb were down the other night to drop off their key so that Brad could go to their place the next day to let their dog out as they were both going to be out of town. Brad and I had just finished hauling some remaining wood in from the garage down to the basement to make room for the 3 cord we have coming. We were all hot and sweaty and needed a break, so we offered G and B some cherry crostata and a glass a wine on the newly painted deck. At one point, Brad to told Barb that she had a mosquito on her breast! "Did you just say what I thought you said?" I quipped. I mean really, for a gay boy, he's got nerve! He was going to shew it away, but thought better of that!

Biked my 21 km after work today. Was the first time I've biked since Saturday and it was painful... Even in the basement, it was humid. The weather here has been hot, muggy, and very humid most of the week. There was a thunderstorm as I was waiting for my bus this morning. I don't mind the heat, but the humidity is a killer. I walked home from the bus stop tonight after work (about 15 minutes) and was completely drenched in sweat when I arrived - and that was before I biked my 21 km in 45 minutes! Thank god for central air! I would be extremely cranky if we didn't have that.

While picking my raspberries this year, I noticed that we had another bird's nest in the patch. Last year, we had seen this small yellow bird flitting in and out in the early summer, and when Brad investigated, he found a nest with 2 or 3 eggs in it. He forebade me to pick until the birds had left the nest, which really wasn't a problem because they were gone before the season really started. Earlier this year, I saw another yellow bird flitting around a bit, but not to the same extent as last year. Perhaps this year no eggs were laid, who knows? In any case, it surely has to be the same bird who returned to the same spot in the same backyard after spending the winter in Florida or some other warmer climb. Either that or one of the offspring that was hatched there. I find that quite amazing. Me who gets turned around crossing the street, let alone a continent!

I'm reading a great book right now: Living in a Foreign Language by Michael Tucker (you know, the nice guy character on L.A. Law). It's about him and his wife Jill (who also played his wife on L.A. Law, buying and renovating a rustico (cottage ) in Umbria, Italy. The book was a Christmas gift for Brad, but I am reading it first (though he has started it after hearing me laugh out loud while reading it). It's very well written, and Michael and I have a lot in common - he, too, likes to cook and eat well and drink good wine, and we all love Italy. It's a great book that I highly recommend for anyone who likes food, travel, and Italy or just a good read.

A few more pics:

Our villa from a distance - Hi Mar!

Looking up onto the loggia

Part of the herb garden - the hedges on the bottom are rosemary!

More grounds - I loved the wrap-around hedge here

The loggia, complete with fig tree and hammock


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