Friday, July 11, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted much (read: anything) since Monday, but it's been a very busy week and Brad has been on the computer working most evenings. Not a whole lot new to report in any case. I forewent (is that the right word? the past of forego?) drinks out tonight, since Don and Mar couldn't make it and Brad is having dinner with his parents. I'm going to try to make it to the farmers' market tomorrow (hopefully with Shaun!).

Thankfully, it's been a relatively quite week with respect to mom. She went to her Dr. again on Tuesday and he poked and prodded some more, but in the end (ha!) didn't find anything amiss, so hopefully she'll be satisfied for a while. Will take her supplies down tomorrow or Sunday.

I have been quite busy at work this week as my translator was on vacation and I was holding the fort myself. Of course, a fairly long technical medical report came in this morning that they wanted for Monday. I conquered most of it today and will be able to finish it for the requested deadline. It's tough going when you have to look up almost every other term. Thank god for Google! I really don't know how we translated without it! (And by that I mean guessing at the terminology and Googling it, NOT using a translation program.)

As I was working away this afternoon, I was listening to a radio station out of Moscow. I used to listen to it a lot before we went to Russia in 2006, but I haven't listened to it much lately at all (I switched to Italian stations in the winter). In any case, there was a good jazz/blues program playing this afternoon and here are a couple of songs that they played.

Tom Waits - Waltzing Matilda

Leonard Cohen - Tower of Song

Have a good weekend and check back tomorrow for the boyz!

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