Saturday, July 19, 2008

Skinny Saturday 19

We went out for drinks with Shaun and Mary last night. Don and Mar couldn't make it unfortunately. And Shaun and Mary had some exciting news for us, too. Looks like they are going to be grandparents!! One of their daughters who got married last year is expecting their first child in January! Congrats again, you guys! Sheesh, it's hard to believe - we're going to be friends with grandparents! ;-)

Just finished my 21 km on the stationary. It's overcast and humid here today, and I'm hoping it will clear up, especially for tomorrow when we are having 5 of our neighbours over in the evening for dessert and drinks. I made a raspberry pie this morning using a few frozen ones from last year, but mostly with berries that I picked a couple of days ago in our own patch in the backyard. It's a productive year for that little patch! I think Brad is going to make a cherry crostata (an Italian tart - his first attempt at it), so we'll have lots to offer tomorrow evening. It would be nice to be able to sit outside on our freshly painted deck, but if it is damp, we'll come inside and sit out in our sunporch. Today, we're giving the inside of the house a thorough cleaning, as we've really let things slide this past week when we've been working on the deck... And both dogs, of course, are shedding like there is no tomorrow.

The deck is basically finished except for a final coat on the floor. It rained yesterday afternoon and evening and it is still damp, so we won't be able to do anything out there today (thankfully!).

Well, I gotta run and have some lunch and then start cleaning the house (sinks, kitchen floor, and bathrooms - Brad has already vacuumed). Anybody out there have a maid? I mean someone who comes in like once a week or so and does some cleaning? I definitely think it would be worth the money.

De todas maneras... los hombres:


Maurice said...

I used to have a maid come in every two weeks while in Halifax and it was definitely worth the money. Too bad Millie's in Halifax and you're not, as I'd definitely recommend her. Here in Montreal, Cleopatrick has been instrumental in preventing the digs from slidding into domestic chaos.

Mark in DE said...

Spouse & I had a housekeeper for years and definitely felt it was worth the money. She came every other week, and although we did intermittent maintenance cleaning, it was lovely to have the entire house cleaned all on the same day, every other week. I truly, truly miss it, as our current 'situation' does not allow for a housekeeper. Hopefully that will change in Oct.

Love the photos of manliness.

Mark :-)