Monday, July 28, 2008

Some good news

Yay! They were able to remove Brad's mom's ventilator today. She breathing on her own and is once again able to communicate! Very good news for everyone. Her illness has been tough on the whole family, but this will make things easier. Brad's sis from Ontario has decided to stay the week - she was scheduled to go back home tomorrow, but she's not ready to leave just yet. Two of Brad's sisters and his father were here again for supper tonight. Leftover beef stew from last night and some fresh bean salad that Brad made. I sliced up some tomatoes over which I chopped some fresh basil and crumbled some feta and drizzled some olive oil. Raspberry pie again for dessert. No complaints, in any case.

A couple more pics from Italia and I'll call it a day:

An impromptu wine tasting at a small little winery we were passing by. We drove in and found no one at home, but Gianni had been stalking us and arrived just a few minutes after we did. He was a very nice fellow and each couple bought 3 bottles of wine from him, a table wine, a little more expensive blend, and a super tuscan.

More Gianni

Wine aging in barrels - somewhere in Chianti (Rada maybe)

The symbol of Chianti Classico - Mmmm... I loves me some black cock! ;-)

You loves you some black what? Yeah, yeah, Okay. They call it a rooster! Salute!


Mark in DE said...

Wonderful to hear that Brad's mom is doing better!

Mark :-)

Maurice said...

Yes, Mark took the words right out of my mouth! :)