Thursday, December 04, 2008

Is Steven Harper capable of telling the truth?

The answer seems pretty clear:

And, as a clever wag on the Internet yesterday suggested, during Harper's "address to the nation" last night, he should have been hooked up to a polygraph machine and tasered every time he lied! He would have been writhing on the floor about 30 seconds in by my calculations!

And so this morning, in just a couple of hours, he will pay a visit to the Governor General. It's widely suspected that he will ask her to prorogue Parliament, thereby ending the session before it's hardly begun and taking the spineless and cowardly way out so that he does not have to face a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons on Monday.

He's a lying, spineless coward.

In any case, he is only delaying the inevitable. Be it on Monday or late next month, he WILL have to face a vote in the House of Commons, and we will then be rid of the prick one way or the other.

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