Saturday, December 20, 2008

Skinny Saturday 39

Mamma Mia! What a crazy busy time of year this is! And I'm starting to freak out a bit because I am so far behind. Being laid up with my back for almost a week was a big set back... But, what doesn't get done, doesn't get done, I guess. I haven't yet figured out how to turn the clock back yet.

I had the day off yesterday and used it to catch up a little bit and to make a gingerbread cake to take to a party chez George and Barb this evening. Then we went out to dinner with our good friends Paul and Ron last night. The food wasn't bad, but we were the only ones in the place and the server was a little quirky, and it was like a vinal table cloth, and we probably won't go back too soon. The company was great, though, and we had a lot of laughs, as we always do with Paul and Ron. After we got home (around 9:30), I stewed prunes to take down to my mother.

This morning, Brad and I both got up early and walked dogs respectively - me taking Kaiser on a short walk and Jasper and Brad taking a longer route. We then went to the Farmers Market in the pre-dawn light. It was crazy busy, too. Especially the cheese guys, which, of course, is where we wanted to go. We waited in line for almost 15 minutes to buy some gorgonzola (I make a wicked potato scallop with that at Christmas), some Stilton, and a couple of other odds and ends. Brad bought some pastries and we picked up some kindling, and home we came. Brad dashed off to get our groceries and I had breakfast and got mom's stuff together. We each then 101 things and here I am. It's just after 4:00 p.m., I'll soon have to start thinking about dinner and then, like I said, we have the party to go to later on.

Tomorrow, we may drop by Brad's nephew and his girlfriend to see their new place. They moved into a mini-home a couple of months ago and we have yet to see it. They are both still in university. After that, Paul is having his annual Christmas get-together in the afternoon, so we'll drop by his place as well. Then, whadda know? We have a free evening. YAY!! There's supposed to be a snow storm, so we'll hunker down by the fireplace and enjoy a very quiet evening at home alone. YAY!! Brad's sister and her family from Ontario are arriving on Tuesday to spend Christmas with his dad, so we'll be seeing a lot of them over the course of the next week as well.

Enh... enough blah-blah. Here's da boyz and some extra pics as well:

The oatmeal pecan pie I made for Barb's birthday, belatedly

Jasper thinks squirrels are easier to spot in the snow!

The winter-wonderland that is our back yard

More snow and back yard and Jasper. It's pretty now, but it won't be so pretty come March!

A lovely salad Brad made last week. Very pretty and very tasty!

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Mark in DE said...

So much to love in this post:
1. Gorgonzola... yum!
2. That pie... yum!
3. That restaurant... Spouse will NOT eat in a restaurant if there's no music OR if there aren't any other diners.
4. Those boys... hot!
5. Jasper and the snow... beautiful!