Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa in a Speedo

Well you know that Christmas is fast approaching when your spot a bunch of Santas sporting Speedos in downtown Boston! It been a tradition for a number of years now. Check it out!

On the home front, my back gets a little bit better every day. It's still a little painful, but at least I can bend over once more, which is something I thought I'd
never be able to do again last week! I started back at work yesterday, and thankfully it was fairly quiet while I was out of commission. I am taking Friday the 19th off and all of the following week, so I only return to work on December 29. I am really looking forward to the break.

I'm way behind on everything, though, and have yet to purchase a Christmas present. We did put our tree up the other night, but we have yet to start decorating it. Bradley even broke part of our lighht fixture in the living room when he was bring in the tree (I was unable to help him, of course, given my back, and foolishly left him unsupervised for a minute or two whilst he was bringing in the tree!) Oh well, we have a spare part for the light fixture, and the one that broke did so in just two pieces, so I think it can be glued back together. Hopefully, we'll get the lights on the tree tonight at the very least.

Take care and happy Tuesday!


Mark in DE said...

Now there's a holiday tradition I'd like to see my town adopt!

Glad your back is getting better. I was worried about you!

This made me LOL: "I foolishly left him unsupervised for a minute or two whilst he was bringing in the tree". That is SOOOO something I would say/write!

Good luck with your tree decorating and don't forget to send me a photo.

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