Saturday, December 06, 2008

Skinny Saturday 37

Phew... Making it in just under the wire! It's been a very busy day here. And the first time in ages that I didn't get my biking done on Saturday. I had to get both mom's stuff and our own groceries as Brad has a final rehersal for his concert tonight. (From which I just returned, btw, and it was very good indeed. Brad's in a Bel Canto choir and this was the Wassail or Christmas concert. He looked very spiffy in his tux!)

So after picking up and putting away all the groceries (and I told Brad not to even ask me what I paid - I picked up some extra things in preparation for people dropping by over the holidays), and grabbed a quick sandwich and a shower and then haded down to mom's. I also took her a nice Christmas bouquet with roses, lilies and carnations as well as pine and cedar sprigs. She was very pleased with that, and I also helped her do her Christmas cards. I also took down some of her winter clothes that she had stored here and brought back some of her summer things, as she only has a wardrobe in her room and needs the space. Oh what a dutiful son am I, eh! Someone's got to do it, I guess, and my siblings certainly aren't beating a path to help her out.

But I digress.... Let's just move on to the boyz, shall we? (And MoFo, patience... I will try to post some gals for you soon! ;-)

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Mark in DE said...

You definitely ARE a dutiful, thoughtful, caring, and loving son. Its heartwarming to read of how well you care for your mom.

As usual, the boyz are exquisite.

Mark :-)