Saturday, December 13, 2008

Skinny Saturday 38

Hey all. Just signed back in for a quick post. I am still in a lot of pain with my back. It is perhaps a little bit better today and I had a very good night last night, being able to turn over without much pain at all. And this morning, getting up out of bed was the easiest it has been in days, but after walking around a bit and doing some errands, it is still really painful. If I don't see a marked improvement by tomorrow, I'm going to go to the after-hours clinic and get some stronger drugs. I've been off work since Wednesday afternoon and I hate not being able to do anything at this time of year when so much needs to be done. I did manage to write a few more Christmas cards today, so I am more than half way done that task.

Brad's gone out for a run right now, but when he gets back, I'm going to make him wait on me hand and foot. He's going to have to clean the bathtub so I can take a nice hot bath (I'm looking forward to that. I hardly ever take a bath, but I think this evening it will be just the thing to relax my back muscles before heading to bed with the hot water bottle.)

And Brad has already offered to make muffins for me and I'll get him to make supper too, as well as bring in wood and build a fire in the fireplace. And with that, it's as long as I can sit here and the this... Here's the Saturday boyz:


Shaun and Mary said...

What the heck did you do to your back!! Get better and make sure your celebrity singing manservant takes good care of you..
Hope your mom is feeling better.
I feeel veery old after reading all this...
We'll be thinking of you guys we race around trying to get all the xmas things done...why does it have to be so rushed and crazy every year...Our thing is mainly getting parcels off...the house remains a disaster area (it is US, not the girls)...she has work work to do..and i have to finish writing a piece...NOT FUN AT ALL>>>NO FAIR AT ALL...hate it
ho ho ho,
Grinch waters

Jeff said...

Thanks guys! It's Sunday morning now and if anything, my back is worse than before! It's very, very painful. Brad's off to see what time the after-hours clinic opens. I'll be going up as soon as they unlock the doors!

Mark in DE said...

Its good that you will take full advantage of your hubby and make him wait on you hand and foot!

You may also want to try a heating pad. Spouse uses one occasionally when his back hurts.

Feel better soon!