Thursday, December 11, 2008


Aie, aie, aie... Oh, my aching back! The pain in my back had been getting progressively worse. I took yesterday afternoon off in the hope that laying down and resting would do some good. A friend and colleague generously offered to drive me home and make two stops along the way, one at the bank to deposit a Blue Cross cheque and a second stop to allow me to purchase my lotto tickets. (I feel absolutely forelorn if I don't have a ticket on the nights's draw!).

In any case, no sooner had I gotten home, had a bit of lunch and laid down in my bed than the phone rang. It was my sister informing us that they had just called her from mom's home saying that they were bringing her to town via ambulance for tachycardia (rapid heart beat). Brad came into my room and told me and at first, we decided that he would go up to the hospital, but the more I lay there, the more I knew that I should go up myself. So up I got and got dressed again (very painfully, I might add), and went up to the hospital. I got there just after she arrived.

Her heart rate was very fast at 150 bpm. And that was after they had already tried several drugs to slow it down. Here in town, they decided to try a different drug, and once it started dripping into her IV her heart rate started to go down, after about half an hour it was back to normal for a woman her age (around 80 bpm). At any rate, I was up there with her all afternoon, which certaainly did not help my back condition. Brad drove mom back to her residence after they discharged her from the hospital. Thank god, because I I don't think I could have.

I called my dr. this morning and was able to get right in (my doc. is retiring tomorrow, incidently, but there is a new doc. taking her place, thank god). She told me I was having muscle spasms in my lower back (d'uh!) and prescribed some meds. I hope they work. I have taken three doses so far, and not much seems to have changed, but hopefuly a good night's sleep tonight along with the drugs and a well-placed hot water bottle will do the trick. I hope so, anyway. I can't bend over at all and there are very few positions in which I feel no pain. Ugh. I guess it's true. I am no longer 23 years old!

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Mark in DE said...

Oh, so sorry to learn of this! I hope your back improves very soon. Take good care!