Friday, December 05, 2008


Friday again. Thank god! It's been quite a week! The national political turmoil and intrigue have been absorbing. I was a little riled up. Perhaps you noticed?!

I've calmed down a little bit, but my resolve has also grown stronger. I will be renewing my membership in the Liberal Party and donating as much as Brad will allow me! Yesterday, I just about joined their Laurier Club, which you become a member of when you donate the maximum allowable amount of $1100 (annually). I knew Brad would have had a coronary had I done so, though, so I will be somewhat more, uh, conservative with my donation! I also intend to volunteer and do whatever I can for the Party at the local level.

Apart from that, Brad is singing in two concerts this weekend and I will have to pick up mom's stuff and make a run down to her home as well. I will probably do that tomorrow, as the forecasters are calling for periods of snow for Sunday... Ça commence, je pense. I also have to buy and start addressing our Christmas cards this weekend... This is always a busy time of year...

Have a good weekend all and here's a little something to keep you warm!

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Mark in DE said...

What? You mean the US isn't the only country with political intrigue???

Mark :-)