Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey all. It's been another very busy day here in eastern Canada. Busy at work, busy at home, and to top it off, we had a mini snowstorm, getting about 12 cm of new snow on the ground. Thankfully Brad has taken pity on me and I am off shovelling duty for the foreseeable future (shhh... he said, "this time" but I am going to try to make it a seasonal thing! - Wish me luck!) My back is basically back to normal, with just an echo of last week's pain. I can tell it's daring me, though... "One wrong move, buster, and you'll be laid out again!"

And I've just taken an oatmal pecan pie out of the oven! "Oatmeal pecan," I can hear you scoffing?! Well don't. it is extremely delicious (I'll post some pics tomorrow.) And it is for our very own BarBEARa, whose birthday we missed because I was out of commission with my back. So Barb, if you are reading this before tomorrow night, pretend to act surprised when we knock at your door demain soir!

I also thought I would share an album with you. It's one that I bought in Italy way back in high school (1978 or 1979, I can't remember which). I bought the LP album there, but it somehow managed to get taken by an ex (a girl, no less!) and I have pinned for it ever since. But I found it a few weeks ago on the Net. Here. You, too, can upload the whole album at that site. If you are Italian, if you speak Italian, or if you just like good music, I urge you to do so. It certainly stands the test of time in my humble opinion.

Ciao bellos (y bellas)!


Mark in DE said...

Glad your back is doing better. An oatmeal pecan pie sounds divine to me.

Doug said...

Hey Jeff

I was just looking around cyberspace to see if Migrazione was released as a CD.I was the person who made the request to Frisian to use his connections to locate an mp3 copy of the album.He did and I am presently listening to the album that Frisian posted.

In 1977 I went into Quintessence Records on 4th Ave in Vancouver to pick up Chris Spedding 'Hurt'.As I stepped into the store 'Arrivo' was playing.I asked the staff about the album and left with the Chris Spedding album and the Darian Baldan Bembo album.So Spedding and Bembo are forever connected.

The album deserves a remastered release ... maybe a Japanese remaster.


Doug(living life on the west coast)

Doug said...

Dario Baldan Bembo ... mental lapse!