Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sometimes I'd just like to hop on a plane on a whim and get away for a week or two. Maybe here:

Or here:

Both are in Montenegro, which is fast becoming a new playground on the Adriatic. A lot of Casino Royale was set in Montenegro, and its beauty impressed me in the film (as did the parts set around Lake Como in Italy - one of the most beautiful places I've ever been).

It's one of those days here in eastern Canada. A rainy day in February, which is never nice. Water, snow and slush everywhere and it's slippery as hell. Supposed to turn to snow later in the day. Ugh. Our good friends George and Barb are heading to the Dominican Rebublic for a week on Monday, perhaps I'll stow away in their luggage.

Next winter, I am definitely going South. To my great suprise, Brad agreed to go with me the other day! Well, more specifically, he agreed to go to St. Martin. Friends of ours just had a great vacation there. They stayed at a hotel, not an all-inclusive resort, and there are mountains to climb and other things that Brad likes to do. So you all are my witnesses when I hold him to it! [Brad generally prefers winter and is not a big fan of the heat.]

Here's to warm and sunny dreams in dreary February!


Mark in DE said...

I could really stand to join you. Although I am not dealing with your cold, wet weather, I am battling the mental doldrums.

Joy said...

I've been thinking exactly the same thing this winter and am definitely going somewhere tropical next year. I'm not doing well and feel awful.