Saturday, February 07, 2009

Skinny Saturday 44

Well, it's been a heck of a week. In addition to falling a couple of times recently, mom has had more incidents of tacycardia (racing heart rate) and they have started her on Coumadin (warfrin) to thin her blood, as they were afraid she might have a stroke. She now has to go to the health centre every day for blood work and for some sort of abdominal injection, which is not so easy when your 88 and it's the middle of a typical Canadian winter. I took her over today myself when I went down for my bi-weekly visit and I'll probably go back down and take her tomorrow as well. She is very short of breath. I think they could help her a bit more at the home, but they, like most places, are chronically short-staffed and they want her to do as much as she can for herself for as long as she is able. I do understand that, and they are very good to her, and she, as I've said before, is VERY high-maintenance... but still... Ugh. I'm not sure how much longer her poor old heart will be able to handle the stress. I hope they can get her medications regulated.

Brad and I met Don and Marlene for drinks and dinner at a new place that opened recently downtown. There have been many other restaurants and/or pubs in the same location, but none has lasted. I'm not sure this incarnation will either. The space is nice enough and the staff are very pleasant, but the food really sucked, in my humble opinion, anyway. We all had the fish and chips and no one really liked it, though I think I ate the least of anyone. The fish could certainly have been fresher and it was covered in a way-too-thick batter that was very greasy and tasteless. Ditto the fries. If a place can't do decent fish and chips, I shudder to think of what they'd do to other dishes.

In other more pleasant news, we've booked a great cottage (more like a house, really) on the east coast of the province for a week in August. It's on a river (550 feet of frontage) and has no neighbours for a kilometre on either side. It's also very close to villages and beaches on the coast. It will be a great spot to get away to with the dogs. Yes, it's a dog-friendly place! We're also looking at cottages in Maine where we'd like to spend a couple of weeks in late September or early October. We've found a couple of GORGEOUS spots on the Net, but they are pricy, to say the least... We'll see.

Bring on da boyz!


Jim said...

We hope your mom will feel much better really soon. Gute Besserung :)

Greetings from a rainy desert.

Mark in DE said...

Oh, sorry to hear your mom is having a hard time of it. Bless you for your devotion and patience.

The secluded cottage on the river sounds wonderful! Is it too early for me to start packing???

Jeff said...

Thanks guys, for your support! It's appreciated.

Joy said...

My thoughts and best wishes are with your mother and you. I hope her meds are regulated soon and that it helps.

Your vacation destination sounds wonderful!