Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday catch-up

Hey all... Been a busy few days again. My sister and I have been up at the hospital a lot, and my sister finally talked to a doctor today. In addition to the congestive heart failure that mom has had for the last few years, she now also has atrial fibrillation, which is what is causing her rapid heart beat. It, too, is a chronic condition that they cannot do a lot about other than treat it with medication. And of course, having gotten off her routine and not moving a whole lot, she has become constipated, which is bothering her more than anything else at present. My sis is up with her now, and I'll head up after lunch. I'll take her piece of the raspberry pie I made yesterday. If there is any left! Brad, my sis, and I ate about three quarters of it for dessert last night!

On Friday night, Brad went to his dad's, my sister and I ate at my favourite restaurant downtown. Sis started with a ceasar salad followed by one of the specials, a steak, and I had the tropical shrimp rolls as an app and gnnochi as a main. We shared a crème brulée for dessert with which I had a glass of late harvest wine. It was a great meal. The Premier of our province and his wife, with whom Brad and I are friends, were at the restaurant as well and they came over and chatted with us for a few minutes, too.

Last night, I picked up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store (bad vegetarians, bad!), and served it with potatoes and carrots for dinner. My sister is the most finicky eater I have ever seen! She won't even eat margarine. Brad made a couple of baguettes the other day, which we all dove into, but sis had hers plain, as we did not (at that point) have any butter in the house... I never thought to put out a platter of olive oil. I think she may have deigned to eat that!

Weather wise, the snow just keeps coming and coming! We receievd another foot on Thursday and we are suppposed to get over a foot tonight! I'll take some photos when I go out this afternoon. You folks in more southern climes will not believe the snow banks we have here! I am even struggling to believe it, and I live here - and unfortunately have to shovel it! Hopefully work will be cancelled tomorrow, at least in the morning. If the coming storm is as bad as predicted, it will take a while to dig out! We got an e-mail from our friends George and Barb who are vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Barb said they were having a great time and was wondering if we were getting any snow. HA! They are due to return tomorrow night. Hopefully the storm will have passed by then, but they will have a huge amount of shovelling to do when they get home, unless they have had someone plow them out.

And I didn't win the gall darn lotto again last night! Grrr... The jackpot was a record $48 million, and it was split between 4 tickets in Québec and Ontario.

I'll leave you with a few pics of some of the Carribeen villas I have been drooling over recently and throw in a few boyz to make up for the lack of a Skinny Saturday yesterday.

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Joy said...

You really do need to win that lottery soon!

I don't eat margarine, either. It's one carbon molecule away from plastic, which is too close for me. They have some butter substitute made from olive oil. I eat butter.

That meal sounds delicious you had at the restaurant.