Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just a quick post to update you on my mom. I did take the afternoon off yesterday and took her over to the health care clinic in the town where she now resides. After waiting for about an hour, we got in to see the doctor, who was a woman doctor whom mom had only seen once before, I think. When the nurse first took mom's blood pressure it was a staggering 220/120! Unbelievable. Her feet and legs were swollen and she was very short of breath as well. They give her an injection of lasix, which is a diuretic, and after about half an hour she started to pee and pee and pee... Long story short, we spent the afternoon there and then they - thankfully - decided to send her on here to the hospital. They took her in an ambulance, and I went back to her home and grabbed some of her essentials. I came back home (it's about a half hour drive - in the blinding snow at times last night!) and grabbed a quick bite. My wonderful and handsome better half had made a pizza, which was delicious, called my sis in Edmonton, and then went up to the hospital where I met mom in the ER. We thought at first that she might have to spend the night in the ER, but a short time later the nurse informed us that they had found a room for her. Phew! Mom had not eaten anything since lunch and it was approximately 7:15 p.m., so after receiving the doctor's permission, I gave her some of the left over baked salmon and baked potato that Brad and I had had the night before along with some hummus and peas and corn. It was cold, but it hit the spot. Poor old gal was ravenous!

Brad went up this a.m. to see how she was making out (I work WAY on the other side of town and take the bus) and he helpd her with breakfast. They did another ECG today as well as an ultrasound of her leg. They were worried about a clot in her leg, but the ultrasound apparently came back negative for that, thank god. I went up right after work and helped her with supper and filled out her menu choices for tomorrow's meals. They had left tonight's supper on her tray, but her bed was down, and she couldn't reach it. Apparently, she had rung for someone to come and help her a couple of times, but I arrived before the hospital help did. In any case, she ate all of her meal, which looked not too bad at all for hospital food - roast pork with gravy and mashed potato and broccoli. And Mandarin oranges for dessert; her favourite.

Thank god, though, my sister arrives tomorrrow. Now I gotta go clean for that visit!

Hasta pronto!


Fernando said...

Dear Jeff,

I have very bad habits for my online activities such as reading my friend's blogs. I'm sorry for that, I have to come more often just to read you and leave a comment.

For this difficult times you're coming through I want you to know that all of my best wishes are with you and your mom, if I were a "prayer" person I would say that my prays are with you. But, as I am not, all my best vibes or you.


Joy said...

This turned out pretty well, thank goodness. It will help when your sister gets there. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Jeff said...

Thanks guys! And Fernando! GREAT to see you again! Please do stop by more regularly. :)

Mark in DE said...

I'm sorry to hear of your mom's recently downturn, but am glad she's on her way back up.

How fortunate she is to have such a loving son and son-in-law who take such good care of her. You guys are my heros!