Saturday, February 28, 2009

Skinny Saturday 46

Well, thank god it's the weekend! Been another very busy and stressful week with mom in the hospital and bogged down at work. We went out for drinks with Don and Marlene last night after work and then Brad and my sister and I went out for dinner later on. It was a nice evening. It was the official celebration of the end of our mortgage!!! Yup! We are officially mortgage-free! It still find it hard to believe... Twelve long years of socking money into the mortgage, but now we are free, at least from that debt! Now come the renovations and a cottage!! :) (Brad and I have a disagreement regarding cottages - I'd like to own one, he'd rather rent. I think he may win that one, actually. Hey, you pick your battles! And there are some gorgeous places out there to rent!)

After dinner, we came home and watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, a film Brad had rented. It was good. Set in the 1930s London.

I biked my 21 km this morning and just returned from the hospital to see mom (and sis). I came home to make dinner for my sister and I. Brad is off to his father's this evening for dinner and a movie. I'm going to make Sicuan carrot soup and a salad (in which I'll put bits of yet another rotisserie chicken. Poor little cluckers!).

Mom is doing only so-so. I think we are going to have to consider placement in a full-fledged nursing home (as opposed to the special care home she currently lives in). She is very weak and tired. This whole ordeal is taking a toll on her.

Gotta run and get cooking. Here's da boyz and a few shots from earlier this week after the huge snow strom. The birds in the back yard were ravenous. It's very difficult for them to find any food under 7 feet of snow! Brad had them eating out of his hand!

OH! And I almost forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAUN!!!! The BIG 5-0 today!!! We will get together with you and Mary soon, I hope!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the mortgage free status, I certainly wish I could say the same. I'm really sorry to hear about your mother's situation, I hope things soon take a turn for the better. Lastly, I gotta say you out did yourself on this week's parade of Boyz.
Let's get together soon!
Miss you,