Saturday, February 14, 2009

Looking Out My Back Door

Out my back door today:
There were great huge snowflakes falling that didn't really come out in the photos. It was "almost" pretty!


My most expensive purchase last summer in Italy. 12-year-old Balsamic Vinegar. Exceedingly yummy! Almost $100 for 100 Ml! It was great drizzled over the scallops.


Curtis said...

Lookin' out my back door --

Joy said...

That looks delicious! And I like that song and many others by CCR.

Tristan said...

I think liquid gold would have been cheaper! That snow looks think, is there a garden underneath that, that grows in summer?

Mark in DE said...

Those scallops look wonderful! My mouth is watering, just looking at them.

Jeff said...

Tristan: there is a garden underneath all that snow! I'll post of summertime pick soon to show the difference. :)