Saturday, February 14, 2009

Skinny Saturday 45 - The Valentine Edition

Hey all. Happy Valentine's Day! Anyone doing anything special to mark the day? We don't do a whole lot. Brad got some fresh scallops this afternoon, so I will do something with them for dinner and then we'll have a quiet evening by the fire I think.

My sister is flying in next week to see mom. She will arrive here on Wednesday. I'm not sure how long she's staying. Mom is really not doing great. The new medication she's on is giving her terrible night sweats and she has to change nighties 3 times most nights. And she is still very short of breath. I may take Monday afternoon off and take her to the doctor.

After Brad agreeing to go South next winter, and as it's the middle of February, I have been surfing madly to find a place to stay in order to assuage my mid-winter blues. Our friends who were in St. Martin sent me some links, and on one of those pages there was a another link to villas! Boy oh boy, there are some beautiful spots down there! It's going to be hard to choose just one place. The jackpot tonight is $25 million, so if I win that, I'll buy a villa in the Caribbean and y'all will just have to come down and visit!

With those pleasant thoughts, let's bring on the boyz!

Addendum: I just recalled that three years ago right now, I was in Mexico at a beautiful Iberostar resort on the Mayan Riviera with great friends Paul and Ron. I called Brad on Valentine's Day. Later in the day, we left the resort and went into Playa del Carmen for the afternoon and evening. We had a really great dinner here. Remember, Paulie??


Joy said...

I'll be rooting for you to win the lottery! I can't go through another winter like I have felt this time! If I win it, you and Brad can visit me!

Joy said...

My thoughts are with you and your mother. I hope your sister has a good visit with her and with you.

Jeff said...

Thanks so much, Joy! Positive thoughts all round!

Mark in DE said...

Our Valentines day was spent with great friends, but not as good-looking as the bois here!