Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few pics

Just a few pics. The snow banks below, I took today. As I said, we are to get over another foot tonight and tomorrow! ARGH!

Local snow banks

Sis and mom in mom's room at her home after an outing last fall

Our back yard (garden) when it's not covered in 5 feet of snow

A yummy salad Brad made last week

Sleepy dogs

Also an update on mom. They moved her today into the cardiac care unit as her heart rate has been irregular most of the day. The nurses there seem much more attentive there, I must say. Her nurse there also noticed that she was not receiving her main blood pressure medication and asked us if we could bring it from home! Can you imagine! She has been in hospital for almost a week and she has not been getting one of her main pills!! It's a drug that the hospital does not supply - everything else she's getting (we had the nurse check). It's unbelievable that SOMEONE did not tell us this before. Negligent, to say the least. In any case, the nurse there somehow rounded up one pill for for today and one for tomorrow. Hopefully another doctor at the hospital will be able to write her a new prescription after that or her own doctor can call in the prescription. I knew that the hospital had a list of all of her medications and assumed she was getting it all. Man. You really cannot assume anything.


Joy said...

That's just too much snow!! Your dogs have the right idea. Your yard is so pretty with the flowers and landscaping. That salad does look good. Wish I had some.

Scary about your mother's medications! Hope all that gets sorted out soon. I'm glad you know now.

Tristan said...

I love tulips! And the guy with the straw hat in 'Sunday catch-up'.