Sunday, August 10, 2008

About Last Night

We had a great time last night at Don and Mar's. Shaun and Mary drove out with us and Brad was the designated driver. Weather-wise it was basically nice. The sun was even out for a while. It gave us a chance to tour part of the property, which is 20 acres in all. (I took the camera, but forgot it in the car until later on.) We saw Don and Marlene's beautiful garden, their fish pond, beehives, and their wonderful vineyard. It has been a HUGE amount of work for them and it will be only next year when they begin to harvest, but the rows of vines are a sight to behold.

We started with some drinks on the deck and then I brought out a baguette and the black olive tapenade I had made along with some freshly grated parmesan. We then had the carrot soup on the deck as well. Then we moved inside for the main courses. Shaun and Mary brought a Morrocan vegetable stew (one of my recipies actually :-) and Marlene made a great vegetable terriaki dish. We got a chance to taste the first wine made by another local winegrower, which was not too shabby, and Mary (bless her) brought out a Super Tuscan she had purchased in Italy! It was terrific!! Thanks again Mary! For dessert, Mar made a yummy blueberry crumble, and Shaun took out a raspberry pie. Both were delish and went down very nicely with some of Don and Marlene's homemade vanilla ice cream! Mmmm...

We then gathered round D & M's computer and they showed us some of their photos from Italy. Don kindly burned a DVD for Brad and me and for Shaun and Mary. Thanks again to you, Don! We also looked at some of their shots from Nepal last fall on the trip they did with Brad. Wow. They took some beautiful photos.

Brad got us home safe and sound, and Shaun (as usual! ;-) fell asleep in the back seat...

Thanks for a great evening everyone! Here are a few shots:

Where it all happened

Three spooky-eyed guard dogs!


Mary shares a joke with greyhound Nina (Ted is in black)

Finnegan is a cross between an antelope and a greyhound! ;-)

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The meal sounded amazing!