Friday, August 29, 2008

Italian Olympic Song

There's a song I keep hearing on my Italian radio Station, which I determined last week was somehow connected to the recent Olympics in Beijing. I finally managed to piece together enough words to be able to find the lyrics on-line, but unfortunately, the song does not appear to have been uploaded to YouTube yet. I hope someone does upload it, as it's really a beautiful song.

Here are the Italian lyrics:

Vai, vai, vai che il tuo cuore non si ferma mai / Vai, vai, vai più del vento che ti porterà / In mezzo al cielo tra le stelle, la tua stella è quella là / La più lucida, la più bella, è la stella della libertà / Forza, vai, e dopo il lancio non voltarti mai / Volerà… oltre l’Everest … arriverà / Il traguardo è la tua vita / Nell’istante che lo supererà / E anche il tempo che ti sfida / Con il cuore e con la mente lo cancellerai / Vai, vai, vai più del vento che ti porterà / Ciao, ciao, ciao… tu nel sogno resterai / Un uomo solo può vincere il mondo / Se il suo cuore conquisterà / L’ultimo metro, l’ultimo secondo / Il sogno nel sogno… / L’ultimo sogno / La libertà /

If anyone knows how I can access the song on-line please let me know. It's performed by Lucio Dalla.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to a long, long weekend. We are still taking Tuesday off even though our Paul has had to cancel Tuesday with us because of his work. I think Brad and I will still go over to the East coast and spend a couple of hours on the beach and have a good seafood lunch. It's supposed to be sunny and 27 C on Tuesday! I also hope to have the chance to meet my newest great neice and give her the floppy doll I purchased for her in Rome.

We're hooking up with Don and Mar and Shaun and Mary after work for drinks. Will have to buy Mr. Don a brew today in honour of his birthday. Happy Birthday my friend!

Good weekend all! Tune in tomorrow for the regular slew of fellas.

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