Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

After a few days of sunny, warm weather, we're back to cloudy and cool again. Maybe September, which starts next Monday (yikes!) will be better.

Not a whole lot new going on. My sis left on Sunday morning. Mom is rested after our visit and her daytrip to town, and Brad's mom remains in hospital. Brad is taking the next 3 days off to increase the number of hours he spends at the hospital and give his siblings a bit of a break. His mother has had a whole slew of roommates during the month plus she has been at the hospital. We know her most recent one, as she used to offer cooking classes for groups of 10 or more. We and some friends did several with her. Her other claim to fame was that her son, Kel, was once a contestant on Survivor! He had duel Canadian-American citizenship and he was a hottie. Unfortunately he was voted off very early on.

Speaking of TV shows here's a pic of gay actor T.J. Knight (Grey's Anatomy) and his boyfriend Mark Cornelsen that was taken recently in L.A. Dig the boyfriend's shirt!

Oh, and I just about forgot. I received my Jovanotti Safari CD yesterday from Amazon. I meant to pick up the CD in Italy, but we never came across a record store. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole CD.

And okay. Here's a gratuitous Olympic jock pic. Just because. Iranian Hadi Sepehrzad:

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