Saturday, August 16, 2008

Skinny Saturday 22

Well guess what?!! It's yet another cool and overcast day here! 60% chance of showers and thundershowers! At least it's consistent.

Went to the farmer's market early this a.m. Bought tomatoes, English cukes, basil, romaine lettuce, parmasan, a jalapeno gouda, green onions, potatoes, and eggs. Brad's done our other grocery shopping at the supermarket. I will soon drive him up to the hospital where he will stay until 3:00. I need the car today, so I'm dropping him off and will pick him up.

For dinner tonight with George and Barb, I've decided to start with a romaine salad, then we'll have the shrimp curry with basmati rice, and I'm going to make a chocolate pecan pie for dessert. We'll maybe crack open the bottle of vin santo I brought back from Italy, too. Oy... I've got to try to find time to get my biking in today as well!

Gotta run... Here's da boyz:

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