Monday, August 04, 2008

Yet another rainy day!

Argh... Will the rain never stop?? It's really unbelievable. Seems like for weeks now it has been cloudy, rainy, and humid. It was actually nice though last night - I put Radio Swiss Classic on the stereo, which we have connected to the Internet, lit some candles and Brad and the dogs and I sat/laid out in the sunporch listening to the rain fall on the roof and the leaves outside. Very peaceful.

Brad's gone back up to the hospital for just an hour or so and I am getting ready to do my biking in the basement (argh again).

But how about a few more Italy pics before I start pedaling away:

Hey! He wasn't in Italy (unfortunately!)... Guess I forgot to change directories!

Our infamous maids! Norma and well, we never did catch her name... We think it started with "A", but by day 2, she became known (amongst us) as "Sexy Booty"

Gardener Emilio

Pool Guy - he showed up just once during our stay to clean the pool. This photo doesn't really do him justice. He was quite handsome and was definitely going commando!

Don and Mary cleaning up

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Mark in DE said...

I find the sound of steady rain to be very relaxing, too. Sorry to hear you're having so much of it though. Hope you'll dry out soon.

Mark :-)