Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skinny Saturday 23 - delayed!

Jeez... Where does the time go?? The last time I looked, it was Thursday! Thankfully, I was able to take last Friday off. My sister from Alberta spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with us and we were able to do a lot of stuff with mom. My sister and I picked up mom and brought her up for lunch on Friday (we all had fried whole clams and french fries - mmm, mmm, mmm!) and then the two of them went clothes shopping. My sis and I drove then mom back to her digs after which we hightailed it back to town to make it for drinks with Shaun and Mary. The five of us then went to our Greek restaurant for supper.

On Saturday, sis and I got up early, picked up Shaun and headed to the farmers' market. We got lots of stuff including tomatoes, Swiss chard, basil, pasteries, and green beans, some of which I steamed and then packed with cream to take to mom. My sis and I went down to mom's again on Saturday and we were going to take her to the lake, but she didn't feel up to it - she was tired out from the day before and she had also had a nosebleed during the night and didn't get a lot of sleep afterwards. So sis and I dropped off her usual supplies and then the two of us headed over to the lake and our brother's cottage. We had a nice visit with the gang there - my neice and her husband and their daughter were also there as was my sister-in-law and her 81-year-old mother! We then drove back to town and had an al fresco dinner with Bradley on the deck. Later on, we watched The Queen with Helen Mirin. I conked out about half way through and went to bed. My sis left this morning for Nova Scotia to see her sons, some friends, and to keep some medical appointments.

Today, I did a big clean up of both bathrooms, changed the bedding, 2 washes, and made pesto and an apple pie. My sister and I picked some apples from an wild old apple tree down at the lake yesterday. It makes the best apple pie ever. I think this is Brad's all-time favourite pie. No doubt it will be gone by tomorow!

Here are some pics and da boyz:

My sis and great neice on the shore looking for good skipping rocks

Part of our property at the lake. It's very private - about 25 acres and no neighbours

Oh, the hours I've spent in that cove!

My brother's cottage

That was my view for many a summer


Anonymous said...

A very HOT belated Saturday!


Maurice said...

That was my view for many a summer

Including the five hunks following that caption? Oh my! I didn't realize Grand Lake was so HOT! :-P

Jeff said...

HA! Well, our next door neighbours DID have 7 boys in the family, none quite so cute as these alas! ;-)