Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

Man! I LOVE Adele and especially this song! She is one very talented gal... I've been listening to Radio Bruno (link in the sidebar) out of Italia for the last couple of days and it's getting lots of play on there and I've also heard it on Hit FM out of Moscow.

I'm dedicating this one to my good friend Marilyn in the US. Hope you like it, bellina!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Pretty Amazing video of a huge cluster of birds. I think it was taken somewhere in Russia. Amazing. I'm not sure what kind of birds they are... Brad and I have seen a similar display put on by sandpipers along the Bay of Fundy. Just a beautiful and intricate ballet... Hope you enjoy:

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Brand New Year!

So, it's been 2011 for 9 days now! Wow! Things are gradually getting back to normal after the holidays. We hosted our traditional New Year's Eve party for friends and neighbours. Don and Mar weren't able to make it as one of Don's uncles had died and the funeral was on Jan 1. We missed you guys lots! Many other friends and neighbours dropped by, however. Most people brought some nibbles to eat and I had made a raspberry pie, a gingerbread cake, and baked Brie. Brad made Swedish Glög, which is a potent concoction of red wine, port, brandy and a lot of warm and aromatic spices. It was quite a hit! Our very good frineds Shaun and Mary ended up staying the night with us (as we had suggested they do) and we all turned in around 3:30 in the morning!

Monday (Jan. 3) was a holiday, so I started working again on the 4th. It's been just over a month now since I started working from home and I continue to love it. I am also finding that I am WAY more productive at home than at the office. I guess it's because I'm generally happier and there are far fewer distractions at home than at work. Plus, work has picked up considerably since I started working at home. I am busy from the start to the finish of my day, which is also nice. Last fall had been particularly slow, and the workday goes by much faster when you have something to do.

Other than that, we are planning our trip to Miami and Key West next month. I totally can't wait for that and am going to try to drop a few pounds before we go, so wish me luck! And we've bought tickets for a Miami Heat game when we're there! That, too, will be exciting - my very first professional basketball game in person! I have to say, though, that the tickets were WAY more than I thought they'd be (I thought OPERA tickets were expensive!). Oh well, it's only coloured paper, right!? I'm also looking forward to booking some good restaurants both in Miami (South Beach) and Key West. So if any of you know these cities and some good spots to eat, by all means, let me know!

We are also heading back to NYC at Easter this year with Don and Marlene and Shaun and Mary. Should be a LOT of fun! We're renting two apartment and are staying for five nights! Then, of course, shortly after that, Brad will be off on his 3-month hike! And after that, we'll be going to Ontario for the wedding of one of Brad's neices.

So I think 2011 will be quite a travel year for us. And that, in my books, is a good thing.

Happy New Year!