Monday, October 22, 2012


And then there'S always our old standby - Adele, who does a crazy good job on the new Bond cover song!

Better late than never! Erwin Schrott!

Wow! How did we not know about this guy before this?? Must see him live soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fox Hollow

This is where we spent 10 days this month on vacation. Right on the coast about halfway in between St. Andrews and St. Stephen. Don and Marlne were meant to come down for Thanksgiving dinner, but unfortunately, one of their greyhounds, Ella, broke a leg and they were unable to come. Shaun and Mary got down for an afternoon and had dinner with us (that's them there on the sofa, looking like they just jetted in from L.A.!). Our good friends Paul and Ron also came down last weekend for the Indulge Festival in St. Andrews. We had two awesome meals (at the Rossmount Inn and Europa restaurant) on Friday and Saturday nights. It was a great vacation! Unfortunately, we will probably be the last people to rent this gorgeous home, as the owners are retiring and will be living there full-time next year.

Mm Mm Mm Madness

Great new tune I heard the other day on Radio Bruno out of Bologna. Sending it out especially for our good friends George and Barb. It's Georges birthday next week and we're going out dancing with them!