Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowstorm Coming

Hey all. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Not a whole lot going on. I can't believe it will be Christmas in less than two weeks. I've got most of my cards done, though I've chopped my card list big time this year. Every year it seems to take more of an effort and this year moreso than most. Up until the last few days, work has been crazy busy and I just haven't had the time or the energy to stand in lines and shop for things. Christmas has become way too commercial. This year will be fewer cards and presents and decorations and more cooking and spending quality time with friends and family. The way it should be, I guesss.

In other more exciting news, Brad will be going skiing out west for a week in late January, and I - along with good friends Paul and Ron - am heading back to Miami/South Beach in February for a week of sun and fun and the South Beach Wine and Food Festival! Can't wait!

I especially dreaming of the South Flordia sunshine today as it is bitterly cold here (wind chill of minus 34 C here this morning) and we are expecting a major snowstorm tomorrow and Monday. I stocked up on food at the grocery store and brought in a lot of wood from the garage to feed our fireplace insert tomorrow. A warm fire and lots of cooking - the making of a perfect snow day!

Stay warm!